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Franchise Business Manager

Justine Crispin joined the skoah team in 2013 in Seattle, Wash. Shortly after, she became skoah’s U.S. Regional Manager. In 2017, Justine expanded her role to support social media marketing, which involved running skoah’s main social pages and providing support to the franchise shop owners to optimize their social accounts.

In June 2019, Justine moved to Houston, Texas, where she spent four months managing the opening of skoah Oak Forest. In February 2020, Justine’s role evolved to Franchise Marketing Manager for the U.S. and Canadian locations. She has supported shop owners for local store marketing efforts and managed relationships with our marketing partners.

Justine currently serves as Marketing Manager for skoah facial shops in the United States. Her experience in both operations and marketing are utilized in her current assignment.

Before skoah, Justine worked in the hospitality industry as a lead trainer to provide customer service instruction for restaurant team members. She also worked at Nordstrom as a department manager for personal shopper/stylist events and as a wardrobe stylist entrepreneur for Paxton.