Dr. Chris Tomshack headshot

Chris Tomshack

Founder & CEO, HealthSource America's Chiropractor

Chris Tomshack, DC, is the founder and CEO of HealthSource, America’s Chiropractor®. After graduating from Ohio University with a Bachelor of Business Administration with a heavy dose of sciences, he studied business at the graduate level before matriculating at Palmer College of Chiropractic. After graduation, he immediately opened a private practice, created a system of interlocking processes, including clinical and business operations, and grew into the largest chiropractic clinic in Ohio. He then retired from practice at a young age and opened three more clinics. Removing himself from patient care allowed Dr. Tomshack to create a business ownership model in which the owner does not need to be a chiropractor.

Understanding that he had a unique opportunity to either build a chain of private clinics or evolve the profession by creating a novel franchise model within chiropractic, Dr. Tomshack launched a vastly different franchise model within the industry. Dr. Tomshack designed HealthSource to contain outcomes-based clinical methods and operational excellence. This relentless pursuit of excellence has driven HealthSource to be the most technologically advanced chiropractic franchise in the world, diametrically different and far more advanced than other chiropractic franchise models.

Just one of the transformational systems that Dr. Tomshack created is the HealthSource Mastermind experience. This system has been the catalyst for significant growth within its membership, year after year. Those franchisees participating in one of the HealthSource Masterminds lead the company in same-store sale growth and multi-unit ownership.

Dr. Tomshack travels and studies extensively to keep HealthSource on the cutting edge of science, patient outcomes, franchisee growth, operational efficiency, and membership experience. These endeavors have led to Dr. Tomshack being interviewed on Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, The Weather Channel, Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Inc Magazine, The American Chiropractor, and Dynamic Chiropractor.