sugaringLA Franchise

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SugaringLA: An Organic Hair Removal Franchise

Brand History

SugaringLA Founder and President, Danielle Correia, has always had a passion for organic, natural beauty and hair removal. She set out to find the perfect solution that was clean, painless, and effective, as traditional hair removal methods often use chemicals, cause pain, and damage hair and skin.

Searching for the perfect hair removal solution ultimately led to Correia opening the first sugaringLA location in 2011 in Santa Monica, California. With a mission to provide comfortable, quality earthly care, sugaringLA uses the ancient technique of sugaring with an understanding that people want comfortable, quality, and earthly care. Correia believes that organic beauty is the future, and people want to avoid chemicals, burns, and radiation on their skin. SugaringLA offers superior, elevated results over other hair removal methods without any recovery time, and leaves customers with smooth, non-irritated skin.

Key Differentiators

  • An opportunity to revolutionize the $3 billion hair removal industry
  • Easy-to-scale business model that’s ready to be duplicated in prime markets
  • Elevated and operationally simple sugaring franchise business systems
  • Hands-on, innovative and Beyond the Surface training
  • Low-cost investment with huge profit potential
  • Recurring revenue opportunities through membership-based business model and proprietary product line

Summary of Services

SugaringLA offers a healthier and more effective hair removal option using only organic ingredients of sugar, lemon, and water. With an operationally simple and easy-to-scale business model that generates recurring revenue propelled by beyond the Surface support from a leadership team with more than 400 years of experience in franchising, now is the time to invest in sugaringLA.

Why Own a SugaringLA Franchise?

“Investing in a franchise is a really big decision, and part of the reason Franworth has partnered with sugaringLA is that we bring so much horsepower to helping franchisees feel good about their investment,” says Meg Roberts, CEO of Franworth Beauty Division.

With Americans placing more value than ever on self-care, the beauty industry is growing rapidly. After pandemic-related shutdowns, clients have returned to in-studio care in droves, creating a prime opportunity for the beauty industry. SugaringLA is in a great position for expansion due to virtually zero competition in the niche hair removal industry. Customers are seeking an organic alternative to hair removal, and sugaringLA is one of the only brands that specializes in sugaring.

With a perfected business model that is easily replicable in communities all over the U.S., franchisees can feel confident knowing that they will receive expert training and support.

Feeling Ready to Open a sugaringLA Studio?

Are you ready to be a part of a new sugaring franchise business that’s going to upend the hair removal industry? Now is the time to invest in a sugaringLA franchise business.

SugaringLA is looking for aspiring entrepreneurs with a passion for helping people in prime territories from coast to coast. Fill out an inquiry form today to start a conversation with us.