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HealthSource Chiropractor: Leading Chiropractic Franchise

Brand History

HealthSource is at the forefront of providing unique and impactful franchise opportunities in the chiropractic industry for entrepreneurs dedicated to enhancing community health and well-being. Offering a comprehensive range of technologically based services, a supportive franchise culture, and a tested scalable business model, Healthsource is the preferred choice for those seeking success in the chiropractic business.

Why Own a HealthSource Chiropractic Franchise?

“Joining HealthSource is a significant decision, and our commitment is to provide the support needed for franchisees to feel confident about their investment,” says Dr. Chris Tomshack, CEO and Founder of HealthSource. Whether you’re an investor or an existing chiropractor, HealthSource provides the training, tools, and ongoing support for a flourishing chiropractic business.

  • Opportunity to lead in the $19 billion chiropractic industry
  • Comprehensive range of personalized services for effective, long-lasting care
  • Tested scalable business model with seven revenue streams
  • Franchise culture built on collaboration, support, and continuous growth
  • Hands-on training programs for confident and competent operations

Summary of Services

HealthSource Chiropractic offers a diverse range of services to address various health needs, making it an ideal choice for those looking to venture into the chiropractic business.

  • Chiropractic Care: Specialized treatments and adjustments for enhanced overall health.
  • Functional Exercise: Tailored physical therapy programs for improved mobility and strength.
  • Laser Therapy: Advanced laser technology for pain management and tissue repair.
  • Spinal Decompression: Therapies to alleviate back and neck discomfort.
  • Nutrition & Products: HealthSource-branded supplements and products for healing.
  • Wellness Club: Subscription-based club for chiropractic adjustments, rehab services, and supplements.
  • Sleep Excellence: Addressing poor sleep patterns through supplements and products.

What do Existing Franchisees Have to Say?

Dr. Jason Rabinowitz, Multi-Unit Franchise Owner in Florida, shares: “The systems that HealthSource brings are top-notch, ensuring compliance and business management. As a culture, we’re a family. I don’t even think of us as a franchise. We love and support each other, and I think that makes the greatest impact.”

Ready to Open a HealthSource Chiropractor Franchise?

Are you ready to be a part of a leading chiropractic franchise that’s transforming the industry? HealthSource Chiropractic is seeking passionate entrepreneurs in select territories across the United States. Fill out an inquiry form today to start a conversation with us.