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The Franworth Story

Franworth’s Founder, John Rotche, built Franworth on the core values of mentorship, setting high goals, and paying it forward. Discover the journey that led to Franworth’s creation and the core values that continue to guide our business today.


Reach Out: Finding Strong Role Models

John Rotche and Tom Monaghan are standing next to each other at a Title Boxing location with boxing bags behind them.
John Rotche and Tom Monaghan

The Beginning of Franworth

Franworth was created to build, incubate, and grow emerging franchise brands, with mentorship always at the forefront. Franworth founder and CEO, John Rotche, was fortunate enough to have the guidance and support of some of the most renowned mentors in their game, who contributed to the shaping of Rotche’s philosophy: pay it forward.

Prior to his professional success, Rotche was set to play on the University of Michigan football team until he suffered a career-ending sports injury. However, legendary coach, Bo Schembechler, kept his dream alive by personally extending an offer to join the University of Michigan coaching staff. Once Rotche entered the corporate world, his mentors were two of the most acclaimed and knowledgeable people in franchising: Tom Monaghan, founder and CEO of Domino’s Pizza® and David McKinnon, CEO of Service Brands International.

John quickly adopted his mentor’s pay-it-forward ethic that helped shape him into the businessman he is today, which ultimately led and inspired Rotche to creating Franworth.

Reach High: Setting and Reaching Goals Beyond What You Thought Possible

Think and Act Big For Success

In 2003, John took a risk and purchased a small duct-cleaning business despite his doubts. However, it was a personal crisis that made him truly recognize the potential of his company. This experience led Rotche to wholeheartedly believe in his company and prioritize a customer-first approach. DUCTZ® quickly became a market leader in the industry thanks to Rotche’s unwavering commitment.

Inspired by his mentor, Tom Monaghan, Rotche adopted a bold mindset and reached out to David McKinnon, CEO of Service Brands International. This professional partnership paved the way for DUCTZ’s expansion.

Within three years, DUCTZ achieved unprecedented success, became the largest company in the industry, and was acquired by a billion-dollar corporation.

Reach Back: Paying it Forward and Inspiring the Next Generation of Leaders

Franworth was created by Rotche to pay forward the knowledge and resources he received from others when he was starting out. His vision is to nurture and mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs, so they grow and reach their goals. If you’re seeking to fill a gap, we have the resources to help you succeed.

Franworth and Drew Brees’s Longstanding Relationship

Franworth’s emphasis on mentorship played a role in fostering the connection between John Rotche and Drew Brees. When Drew, a relatively new franchisee, approached John to be his mentor, it marked the start of their relationship. This partnership took root when Drew became a partner of John’s in TITLE Boxing Club, eventually leading to Drew joining Franworth, both as a partner and board member.

Drew Brees and John Rotche sitting in dark chairs in an office smiling. They are both dressed professional in suit coats. The wall behind them is brick with two windows.