Franworth Launch Internship

What is LAUNCH?

Launch is a mentorship program that provides opportunities for students to work alongside seasoned professionals in business and franchising. This program, unlike many internships, will expose students to behind-the-scenes work on emerging and established brands, alike.

What makes us different?

Our unpaid learning experience allows students to take charge of their own development as young professionals in an encouraging, learning-centered environment. We will gladly work with universities to offer school credit for time spent with our program.


Continuously Earning Recognition In Franchising

Be the driver of your development as you gain experience in your field.



Learn how Franworth accelerates value for emerging and mature brands by working behind the scenes with franchise industry veterans.


The Launch team has the opportunity to collaborate with DRIVE, Franworth’s Diversity and Inclusion team on current, company initiatives.



Our Launch team has access to an incredible community and network here at Franworth. Students will connect with people outside of their department and begin a professional network of their own!



The Launch team connects with each other while collaborating with a mentor who is an expert in their field of study or interest and is dedicated to their development as a young professional.


Creating Innovative Solutions

Franworth boasts of an incredible culture where everyone who joins the team becomes part of the family. We also offer flexible scheduling for students juggling classes and other commitments.

personal development opportunities

We are committed to offering a comprehensive approach to our student’s development. Launch team participants gain hands-on experience and learn alongside a mentor in their area of study or interest. They are gain skills that will transfer into future career opportunities, regardless of the industry. During each Launch session, we offer the following personal and professional development opportunities to the team.

  1. Project Management: Project Planning 101
    • Learn how to use a project scope as a tool to initiate, plan, execute, and deliver a project with our Project Planning 101 session
  2. Establish Your Personal Brand
    • Join session host, Meg Roberts, CEO of The Lash Lounge and Franworth CMO, as she helps you consider the kind of person you want to be in this world, and how that may impact what you project and how you are perceived in the workplace. Experience how personal and professional development collide in this session with Meg!
  3. Personal Financial Management
    • Start out your financial life on the right foot with our two-part series taught by in-house experts to learn best practices and practical tools in managing personal finances today and as you enter your career.
  4. Update Resume with Franworth experience 
    • Work with your mentor to translate your projects here at Franworth onto your resume in an impactful way.
  5. Present Key Projects & Top Learnings to The Franworth Team
    •  Public speaking does not have to be a buzz word that causes stress. We will work with you on best practices for presenting in a professional setting for you to share about your impact during your time here.