Jill and Ari


Co-Founders, The Barre Code

In 2010, Jillian Lorenz and Ariana Chernin turned a New Year’s Eve resolution into a lifelong mission. The duo recognized the need for change in the fitness and wellness industry. Each struggled with body image ideals, societal expectations, and careers where they needed to fit a “mold.”

Both were fed up with the “loss” mentality and an obsessive and unrealistic expectation of womens’ bodies. Their mission became creating and growing a best-in-class fitness program for everybody and every BODY, while promoting personal growth and self-acceptance in an environment where women support one another. You will never hear about ‘losing’ anything in our studios. At The Barre Code, it’s all about what fitness can help you GAIN: strength, confidence and love for the skin you are in.

Jillian and Ariana are certified fitness professionals, recognized as women’s fitness specialists and MMA conditioning specialists through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and have represented the brand by sharing expert fitness and business tips in Forbes, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, SELF, SHAPE, Glamour, Entrepreneur, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Inc., Prevention and the International Franchise Association.