Robby Emery headshot

Robby Emery

Head of Personal & Character Development

Robby Emery is a seasoned pastor with close to 25 years of experience serving his local community. In addition to his pastoral work, he has contributed significantly to serving as a special advisor to the Michigan Football team and assistant to head coach Jim Harbaugh. Currently, in his ninth season, Robby serves as the Director of Character Development for the University of Michigan Football team, where he focuses on instilling values of integrity and teamwork in players and staff.

In his role at Franworth, Robby leads Personal and Character Development. He works with the Franworth team individually and in groups to build personal capabilities and character, develop teams, and lead change.

Beyond his professional roles, Robby has coached and mentored executives both nationally and internationally, including in Australia. He is known for his ability to inspire and motivate individuals across diverse backgrounds.

Robby is married to Danielle, and together they have three children: Ava, Brie, and Silas.