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Growing Brands and Creating Brighter Futures

At Franworth, our mission is to lead the foundational building and growth of franchise systems through mentorship, education, and best-in-class support. With over 450 years of combined franchise experience, Franworth builds, incubates, and grows franchise brands by empowering entrepreneurs and creating brighter futures.

We partner with franchises in a variety of capacities; from start-up design and emerging concepts, to more established brands seeking to fine-tune systems.

We proudly work alongside ambitious founders, creating equity partnerships or providing fee-based support, in the pursuit of shared success.


Explore the Franworth Factor in action! With an emphasis on recurring revenue and membership-based franchises, the Franworth portfolio extends from beauty and wellness, to fitness, home services and more!

Garage Kings
garage flooring
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sugaringla lobby with white cabinets
A ball of sugar being placed on someone's leg
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MilkShake Factory
Milkshake Factory Storefront
Milkshake Factory Shake Pour
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HealthSource Chiropractor
Front Desk
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MosquitoNix misting system spraying in a backyard
MosquitoNix technician in front of their van
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Degree Wellness
Degree Wellness studio
Degree Wellness sauna
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According to the International Franchise Association, only 16 percent of franchise brands reach the critical 100-unit threshold within 10 years.

New franchisors need more than a great concept. They need proven systems and attractive unit economics to propel explosive franchise development and shorten the timeline to 100 openings! Franworth provides the matrix of services to do just that.

At Franworth, we leveraged our experience to create “THE NINE” – our proprietary, formula-based process of concept assessment designed to quantify the “9-Needs” and inform the “9-Fit.” From legal and sales to operations and marketing, The Nine functions of Franworth, guide a franchise from start to finish.

9 Functional Areas designed to inform the “9-Needs” and inform the “9-Fit". The Nine functions of Franworth, guide a franchise from start to finish.
Anna Phillips CIO & Founder The Lash Lounge smiling at headshot

“My partnership with Franworth has been like working with the NFL all stars of franchising. Their team of amazing people, talent, and dedication have all contributed to helping my brand become something I could have only dreamed of doing on my own.”

Anna Phillips
Founder & CIO, The Lash Lounge
Drew Brees is sitting in a chair on stage at the IFA convention speaking to the crowd. He is in a gray chair and the screen behind him is purple with IDA graphics.

“Franworth leadership has experience, knowledge, and wisdom that are second to none in this industry.”

Drew Brees
Franworth Parnter
Dana Edwards Manatos headshot

“Partnering with Franworth means partnering with their portfolio of brands. They are very good at what they do, and having access to other brands at our fingertips and the ability to learn from them is important so we don’t make mistakes.”

Dana Edwards Manatos
Founder & CEO, MilkShake Factory
Helaine Founder of CITYROW

“Franworth has the franchise expertise that we were looking for in standing up our franchise system. As a cornerstone for our company, it was important this foundation was rock-solid and we’re lucky to have built such a strong foundation with the FW team.”

Helaine Knapp
CEO & Founder of CITYROW
Nate Talocco, CEO of Home Steady

“Our partnership with Franworth has enabled us to grow our brand by leveraging their extensive experience and relationships, successfully launching our business into the franchise space. By utilizing their franchise development and support we were able to take a successful local business to a national audience.”

Nate Talocco
Founder of Home Steady
Jillian Lorenz and Ariana Chernin posing for promotional photo of The Barre Code

“Becoming a Franworth partner gives us access to the unparalleled expertise of John Rotche and his team of franchising industry veterans, and we are thrilled for the opportunity to join the company’s portfolio and take The Barre Code to new heights.”

Jillian Lorenz and Ariana Chernin
Founders of The Barre Code.

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