Danielle Correia headshot

Danielle Correia

Founder & President, sugaringLA

Danielle Correia believes in intentional, holistic care for optimal wellness of body, mind and spirit. With nearly 20 years of dedicated experience in sugaring – the most organic method of hair removal – Danielle’s native Californian light shines brightest as founder and President of sugaringLA.

SugaringLA was born in 2006 in a one-room studio in Charleston, South Carolina, where Danielle single-handedly crafted her vision: to cultivate a body-positive, soul-nurturing experience through the ancient Egyptian art of sugaring as a natural, less painful alternative to waxing, laser hair removal, and other harmful depilatories. She spent two years building a healthy clientele, learning the ropes of the art of the craft, along with the profound empowerment of owning and operating her own business before moving the studio and her life back to the west coast. Today, with nearly 20 years of experience at the helm, Danielle is the principal educator of sugaringLA, passing along her knowledge and wisdom. She proudly maintains a staff of over 50 individuals between 5 successful studios in California: Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, Carlsbad, West Hollywood, and Beverly Hills.

A natural-born leader, Danielle operates on principles that have guided her in all realms of life: authenticity, hard work, and kindness. Born in San Diego, Danielle was raised with a love for animals, nature, and sustainable living. Danielle owns, operates, and enjoys the fruits of her self-sustaining farm and gem mining in Southern California, combining her lived experience with her eco-conscious business priorities. She is revolutionizing the wellness industry with tremendous passion and unwavering confidence, constantly evolving while maintaining her core values, signature ethic, and inspiring vision.

Danielle brings a wide range of skills and vast knowledge to the Franworth team, where she looks forward to growing in large-scaling experience within the beauty and wellness industry.