Mentorship Programs

our Commitment to Your Entrepreneurial Success

Franworth® founder and CEO, John Rothe, is a firm believer in the power of mentorship and has personally experienced the benefits of having great mentors throughout his personal and professional career. His dedication to paying it forward and helping future entrepreneurs is what ultimately led to the creation of Franworth. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for guidance or a student seeking to gain real-world experience, Franworth’s mentorship programs can provide invaluable support and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

Since its creation, mentorship has always been at the core of Franworth’s values. Our mentorship programs cover a broad range of opportunities, from student internships and an emerging franchisor program to scaling non-profits for social good.

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Launch Internship Program

Franworth’s Launch Internship Program offers two different learning experiences allowing students to take charge of their own development as young professionals in an encouraging, learning-centered environment. Unlike many internships, Launch provides students with behind-the-scenes exposure to both emerging and established brands.

Reach by John Rotche

REACH is about making human connections through mentorship and going for inspirational goals. Entrepreneur John Rotche draws from his experience of building successful companies to accelerate brand value in the franchising industry. Despite the reality that most franchise businesses fail to reach the critical 100-unit threshold, Rotche shares his lessons learned from his mentors, including legendary figures like Bo Schembechler, Tom Monaghan, and David McKinnon. Through their wisdom and his own experiences, Rotche provides tactics for finding strong role models, setting and achieving seemingly impossible goals, and inspiring the next generation of leaders. Proceeds from the book support the International Franchise Association’s NextGen program to aid new entrepreneurs.

Brand Forums

Franworth builds, incubates, and grows franchise brands empowering entrepreneurs and creating brighter futures. We are committed to providing mentorship opportunities and fostering connections between our brand leaders and founders. Our frequent forums are available amongst our brands and departments to provide space for cross-pollination of ideas, sharing best practices, and mentoring one another.

Franworth’s current portfolio includes The Lash Lounge®, sugaringLA®, HealthSource America’s Chiropractor®, Garage Kings®, MosquitoNix®, and MilkShake Factory®.

Franchise FOr Good

Franchise For Good is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that aims to help nonprofit businesses grow by using successful franchise practices. Franchise For Good achieves this by partnering with clients through a consulting relationship and providing access to a range of franchise operating system tools and playbooks. These tools cover key areas such as executive strategy, finance, operations, training, legal, supply chain, and marketing, with the ultimate goal of scaling and transforming lives.

Our Team in Action

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